Every individual could make videos themself.

As the convenience and popularization of the digital products, taking pictures and capturing videos become more and more easy. For various reasons, less people do DIY job with their photos and videos. Only when you watch a cool and funny video on some video sharing websites, your desire to make an amusing video would be turned on.

Actually, what you need to make a video are just basic multimedia and useful video tools. With little guide, you could do well. It's easy.

You can make slideshows from your favorite photographs and set background music with slideshow software. You can cut and merge the videos you've shot, add some effect, pictures and text, etc with video eidting software. Of course you can also add music. Some more days, you could direct a movie then. Isn't it amazing?

Just three step to become a Video Remaker.

  • Firstly, learn basic konwlege of graphics, audio and video parameters.
  • Secondly, follow step by step guide to DIY. Remember to try again and again to get better.
  • Lastly, study more tips and tricks. Feel free to make personalized videos.

To share your videos, you can:

Create a file to playback it on your personal computer.
Create a disc to playback it on your hardware player, like DVD player.
Create a multimedia device content with handhelds, like iPad, iPhone, Adroid devices, etc.
Create a file that you can share via Internet through video websites, like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, facebook, etc. Or just a web ready format FLV, Webm.

Let's start from the newbie wizard